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Playing with Facebook’s Timeline Cover Picture

I saw this great post “How to Hack Your Facebook Profile Photo with Timeline” over on Gizmodo and had to have a go myself. The idea is, by playing around with your Profile and Cover pictures on Facebook, you can get a pretty nifty effect. I didn’t have the greatest of source pictures, but ifContinue Reading

And you thought your smartphone screen was dirty?

Eurgh. Watch to the end for nature’s revenge… httpv://youtu.be/WlEzvdlYRes

Define an English Person… gasp!

WARNING – links contain words that may offend! I’m not sure what is funnier, the fact that when you Google the term “define english person” the first result is this… …or that when you click the Wikipedia link, you see this… If you’re not faint hearted, why not try it for yourself?

The secret is out – GCHQ sponsored blogs :)

Wondering who sponsored our “Can you crack it?” post – the secret is no more!Continue Reading

Can You Crack It?

A rather interesting challenge has been brought to my attention, in a rather interesting way. A cyber code challenge, no less. Perhaps the biggest hint of just how intriguing is the “Sponsored Post” link at the bottom of this page. But I’m not allowed to tell you who has really sponsored it. It’s not a scam,Continue Reading

Whistle while you wee – Apple wins slide to unlock patent

The constant patent bickering between Apple et al will no doubt become even worse following news last week that Apple have won a patent for the concept of sliding to unlock. See TechRadar’s “Apple wins slide to unlock patent” or ZDnet’s “Every Android device now infringes Apple patent: Slide to unlock“ Personally, I find allContinue Reading

Squeak or eek? I’m a Whitstable Pearl!

As I hinted at in a previous post about the definition of a geek – I had a nice chat with Jan Thom of the Whitstable Times last week, and today the results of that chat appear on page 10 of the Whitstable Times, along with me popping up on the front page too. It’sContinue Reading

When is a geek not a geek?

Last week I met the lovely Jan from the Whitstable Times (exact reasons for this will be revealed soon enough) and she asked me to describe the term ‘geek’. I tried to explain as best I could, in particular by highlighting the difference between geeks and nerds (I am definitely one and not the other).Continue Reading

I think we have a different definition for onsite…

Ok, a bit of a cheeky one here but I cannot help it. It made me smile, plus it’s a cheap shot at a competitor! In this business, in fact in just about any trade I can think of, when we refer to “onsite support” or “onsite repair”, we mean at the customer’s site. SoContinue Reading

Cat v Printer

Ever lost your temper with your printer?  You’re not alone. A (somewhat sweary) video that was sent to me by the lovely Barbara Rogers, who is a fundraiser for Cruse Bereavement Care. NSFW (or small children!)Continue Reading

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