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Define an English Person… gasp!

WARNING – links contain words that may offend! I’m not sure what is funnier, the fact that when you Google the term “define english person” the first result is this… …or that when you click the Wikipedia link, you see this… If you’re not faint hearted, why not try it for yourself? Continue Reading

Can You Crack It?

A rather interesting challenge has been brought to my attention, in a rather interesting way. A cyber code challenge, no less. Perhaps the biggest hint of just how intriguing is the “Sponsored Post” link at the bottom of this page. But I’m not allowed to tell you who has really sponsored it. It’s not a scam,… Continue Reading

Whistle while you wee – Apple wins slide to unlock patent

The constant patent bickering between Apple et al will no doubt become even worse following news last week that Apple have won a patent for the concept of sliding to unlock. See TechRadar’s “Apple wins slide to unlock patent” or ZDnet’s “Every Android device now infringes Apple patent: Slide to unlock“ Personally, I find all… Continue Reading

A (700% slower) blast from the past #geekheaven

Those who were online before ISDN and broadband will remember the sounds of dial-up, you may find the haunting sounds of the video clip at the bottom of this post familiar! Being an early adopter using single-line bulletin boards and an early Demon customer, I tend to associate the engaged tone with dial-up! However, as… Continue Reading

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