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The problem with customer care…

…is caring for your customers. During the ‘day’ job, I spend a lot of time getting to know my customers. Part of this makes good business sense – how can I make a recommendation on a solution without understanding their business? But part of it is just personal and ‘just the way I am.’ This… Continue Reading

Save money repairing your PC with a… shoe box?

No, not some piece of magical hardware or software called Shoe BoxTM, a plain and simple cardboard shoe box. Obviously not just the box, you need some special contents but you should already have all the contents you need. When you buy a PC, bit of software or some hardware, you usually receive a couple… Continue Reading

Blackberry – no love lost

For a brief moment the other day I almost changed my opinion on Blackberrys. I was setting up a new Torch for a client and I caught myself thinking “oh, this is actually quite a nice phone…” I got over it though. When setting up an email account they encourage you to use POP3 and… Continue Reading

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