She’s alive!

Decided to remove the dodgy plastic washers that came with the pump as it was sucking as much air as petrol. Completely drained the tank and hoses / pipes before putting a nice fresh mix of unleaded and Castrol Valvemaster Plus into the tank. Everything hooked up, turned the key.

Engine spins, fuel pumps. Engine does not start.

My father-in-law and I work through the ignition system as that seems most likely. We re-check the points and plugs, then check for sparks in all the right places. Appears fine.

Air filters off (I want to change them anyway) and we spot the steady stream of petrol overflowing from the front carb. The choke control has siezed and is flooding. After hours of diagnosis, it takes just a few squirts of WD40 and a helping hand to free the choke.

She starts!

Carb Damper Oil: £3.95
Air filters: £8.30
Total… £360.47


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She’s alive!

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