Windows 10 : Google Drive 0

Or “What to do when your Windows 10 upgrade results in your Google Drive folder missing”


It happened again. Upgrading my OS messed up my Google Drive folder.

To be precise, the contents of my Google Drive folder were moved by the upgrade process. An even though the process then put them back in the same place on my C: drive, Google Drive sync could tell the folder had been recreated.

And it didn’t like it – Google Drive Sync refuses to start and tells you your Google Drive folder is missing. It’s simple to fix, just click the button to disconnect your account, then reconnect and a new folder will be created and all the files downloaded to it. Which is great if you meet one or all of these criteria…

1) You have a small amount of data synchronised

2) You have a very fast internet connection

3) You have some spare time on your hands

…I have none of the above.

However, if you’re feeling confident, you can work around this problem.

Nerd Alert!How to reconnect Google Drive Sync without downloading all your files again

1) Click that dreaded disconnect your account button

2) Shut down Google Drive Sync

3) Use Task Manager to ensure there are no instances of googledrivesync.exe are running

4) Open up a cmd prompt

5) Change directory to the location of your Google Drive Sync executable

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Drive"

(remove the (x86) if you are running 32-bit Windows)

6) Run

googledrivesync.exe -enable_snapshot_reconstruct

7) The Google Drive Sync setup will start. Login to your account and, when offered the opportunity, select the Advanced setup. Check the correct folders are going to be synchronised to the right location.

8) Google Drive Sync will now compare all your local files with your cloud copies and upload or download any differences as required.

Time saved, headache averted.

Now I just have to get used to having that Start Menu back…


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Windows 10 : Google Drive 0

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