My early request for the man in the red suit…


There’s little doubt that the television was one of the most significant technologies of the last century. If I think back to my childhood it was certainly a focal point of every home. It was how we found out news, how we joined in with major events, how we whiled away many, many hours!

I’m too young to have watched the moon landing, but I was one of those 750m watching Charles & Diana get married. I confess I was a complete Olympics cynic until I watched the opening ceremony on television, along with 900m others, and was bowled over by the spectacle.

The way in which this technology has developed has been amazing but with the rise of the web, we take so much for granted. I remember my first little black & white television, it didn’t have channel buttons it had one single tuning dial. Then the excitement of having to tune in an extra channel when we went from 3 to 4. I remember the first flatscreen I saw – my Dad had a huge Sony Trinitron – which in fact had a flat sheet of glass in front of a less than flat screen!

If my children were presented with some of those old boxes they would probably be amazed. Brought up with tablets and consoles, they expect all TV’s to be a Smart TV.

Televisions are online, and not just for TV. Yes, the services for catch-up TV and on demand are great, and if we buy a good TV we expect nothing less. But now people can check in on their social networks, browse the web and search for cat videos without leaving the sofa. The latest TVs from Sony allow you to mirror your smartphone on your television – no more huddling around a tiny screen to show off your latest photos – no more crawling around in a pile of cable spaghetti trying to hook things up.

So, I’m getting my request in early. To the big man in the red suit, I’d like a Sony Smart TV please!

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My early request for the man in the red suit…

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