Why do my LinkedIn Groups posts keep disappearing?

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I’m trying to grow my business by posting to LinkedIn groups. But in some groups, every time I post something, it disappears. Is LinkedIn broken?


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LinkedIn Groups - You are doing it wrongDear “Guru”,

No. It isn’t broken.

You are doing it wrong.

You have been posting in the Discussions section. This section is for, well, “discussions” – conversations relevant to the topic of the LinkedIn groups posted to.

Imagine LinkedIn is a newspaper…

The news stories are what you see on the front page. When someone posts a status update and it appears on your front page, just imagine it’s a little advertorial.

In the groups, the Discussions tab is like the Letters page. Promotions is like the advertising and classifieds and Jobs – wait for it – the Jobs section.

So you sent your letter to the Editor and it was just a bit of blatant self-promotion, if you’re lucky it may end up in the classifieds section (for which you’d receive an invoice), more likely it would end up in the bin.

How to remove LinkedIn Groups spam.

LinkedIn has 3 levels of editorial. The first is automatic, some discussions will go straight to Promotions as soon as they are posted. The second are the group admins – the best of which keep on top of the problem. 

The third is the rest of us. Next time you see a bit of blatant promotion in a group you are a member of, look for the little Flag button under the post. Then flag it as a promotion.

Flag that spam!
Flag that spam!

The Signal to Noise Ratio

Without getting too scientific (see Wikipedia!) on LinkedIn groups the signal is things the members are interested in reading (useful discussions about the topic they signed up for), the noise things they are not (adverts and general spam). 

If that ratio goes wrong, and the noise covers up the signal, then that group will die. It will just be yet another group full of spam. So please help protect the groups you enjoy by flagging and not spamming.



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Why do my LinkedIn Groups posts keep disappearing?

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