Fear of public speaking? Not for this lady #RND

Ignore this blog post and just go sponsor Mary straight away…


Earlier this evening I sat down to contemplate my 60 seconds for tomorrow morning’s BNI. Indeed, one of the comments I often get when inviting people along, or talking about the meetings, is “how on earth can you stand up and talk in front of all those people?”

It’s actually very easy, and was even easier to put into perspective when I received this message from Ellie, one of our clients…

As you are probably aware it is the 25th Anniversary of Red Nose Day. My wonderful friend Mary (who is severly sight impaired, completely blind in left eye and hardly any sight in right eye) has put herself forward to Stand Up if you Dare – Its You on 14th March at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells. This is being organised by Radio Kent/Sussex.


She will do a 2 minute Stand Up Comedy performance and this will be recorded and put onto radio at a later date. They will be filming it as well and some of it will be used on 15th March. They will also use some radio/tv recordings they have done of the participants over the next couple of weeks to give an idea of who is taking part.

RND11_FundraisingFor_CMYK_V2How amazing is that?

To add to all that, on her sponsorship page, Mary says this:

All of my thanks has to go to Ellie, without whom there would not be such a brilliant response! Despite having a lung condition and clinical depression, she has selflessly gone out of her way to gather sponsorship, and deal with the technical side of publicising the entire event. All I have to do, is stand on a stage and talk.

So, here are two people who have more than enough going on in their lives, but still having the courage to go that bit further to raise money for a good cause.

Please, you may not know these people but you do know what they are raising money for, so please add some money to the pot?

Sponsor Mary now!


And as for my 60 seconds? I think I’ll donate that to helping get this message out…

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Fear of public speaking? Not for this lady #RND

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