Infinity: To Blean and Beyond

It’s difficult to avoid the ads for BT Infinity at the moment. Those 3 rather mature undergrad students sharing a house and tales of broadband woe crop up everywhere.

To Infinity and Beyond (with © to Disney / Pixar and thanks to the baby geeks for letting me borrow him)

And while it’s the headline that grabs the imagination – 8x faster than the UK average, I experienced first hand the change it can make to someone’s online experience over the weekend.

A long term client who lives in Blean has always struggled with his connection – rarely getting anything more than 0.5Mb and a lack of 3G, he’s had to leave home to carry out big online tasks.

But last week he was upgraded to BT Infinity and everything has changed. shows 26.40 Mbps

That depressing 0.5 has exploded to 26.4 Mbps – he can now change videos on YouTube or iPlayer at the speed of flicking channel on his TV. This is the great thing about fibre to the cabinet – it’s not about how far you live from the exchange now.

So we can only get excited when we see the (relative) swarms of BT vans around Whitstable upgrading our cabinets – have you noticed how many of them are around at the moment? Now, if I could just convince them to run some fibre up to the door of HDG Towers…

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Infinity: To Blean and Beyond

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