Abuse of power – Microsoft Updates and the Bing Desktop

Oh, Microsoft, you’ve disappointed me. And you were doing so well.

In the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed using Windows 8, moving to a Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.5 and even migrated a couple of clients from Google Apps to Office 365. Eek!

Microsoft Security Essentials continues to impress and recent events have even made them appear more clued up on security and patching than Apple. So, how have they spoilt this?

Well, it’s a little Optional Update they have sent out – Bing Desktop.

Right click, Hide update

Now, it’s hard enough getting clients to click on the little update warnings and making sure they keep safe and sound by running them. So it really doesn’t help when they try to do the right thing and download something that completely confuses them.

The Bing Desktop installs a search box onto your desktop, changes your homepage and replaces your search defaults. Like most other annoying toolbars. However, It also changes your desktop background or ‘wallpaper’. ┬áSo the client with best intentions ended up well and truly confused!

I know it was only ‘Optional’ but I don’t think it should have been there at all.

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Abuse of power – Microsoft Updates and the Bing Desktop

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