5 Reasons to call someone in to set up your Christmas PC

Setting up your new PC is so easy, isn’t it? It should be, but more often than not it is time consuming, complicated, boring and frustrating. So, here are 5 reasons to call HDG in to set up your new PC in Kent

Bah Humbug

1. Christmas morning blues – is it done yet?

Oh, the excitement of opening that box and finding a brand new PC inside. The rush to set it up, plug everything in and turn it on. And we’re online!

If only. Something will be missing or we’ll have forgotten a printer lead or wireless adapter. Then we cannot get the wireless to work – I’m sure that password is the right one – and I’d really like to copy all my old documents over. We’d really like to get on with eating and drinking to excess, as is the Christmas tradition, but the kids just won’t leave us alone until the PC is ready.

Of course, what we should have done is get HDG to set the PC up for us before Christmas. All set up, tested and ready before it got wrapped.


2. Crapware vs. Necessaryware

Do we need all this software? Do we have to register everything and why does it keep asking me questions? New PCs are always full of junk, software you don’t need that will take up space, slow your PC down or worst of all, stop something you want to use from working. But how do we know what to remove and how to get rid of it.

Finally, we’re online. Off to the web we go. And “this site needs X to display properly.” Windows doesn’t know how to display this document. This website works better with that browser. Arggh!

HDG know how to clean your PC install without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. They will download and install the most up-to-date versions of all the most important bits of software you will need, so you will be ready to put your PC to good use.


3. Recovery discs

I'll create the recovery media tomorrow...

So we’ve got your PC all set up and everything is great, apart from that annoying little “you should create your recovery media” pop-up every time you turn it on. And we all know we should create that media, but we haven’t got 3 blank DVDs handy. And the shops are shut. Or we do have the discs, but we haven’t got the special pen to write on them. So we promise to do it tomorrow. But we don’t. So every day we turn on the PC, we dismiss the message and promise that we will create the media soon.

Right up until the day that the hard drive fails, and the manufacturer wants £90 for a set of recovery discs. And that’s when we wish we had created them.

Well, that’s one of the things HDG do, they create the discs, label them and give them to you to keep somewhere safe.


4. Updates, updates and more updates

It’s a brand new PC, we don’t have to worry about updates?

Sadly in the time it takes for your PC to reach you there will almost certainly be a whole heap of updates to apply. Time consuming and bandwidth heavy, just when you’re trying to enjoy your new PC is will be asking to restart, download another patch and do it all again.

When a new PC leaves the HDG workshop, we make sure there are no updates necessary.


5. Feeling insecure?

You don't want to feel like this, do you?

Our friends told us that we can use free antivirus, but then the box the PC comes in says we get 90 days of protection with product X. Then, in the shop, they tried to sell us product Y. But everyone says X and Y are really slow so we should use Z. Help!

HDG will recommend the best security software for your needs, whether that be a free option or something far better value than what the shop offers. Plus, they will throw in a years’ free online backup to protect all that lovely new stuff you’re going to create.


Just 5 reasons to call HDG in to set up your new PC this Christmas, or any other time of the year!

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5 Reasons to call someone in to set up your Christmas PC

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