When is a geek not a geek?

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Last week I met the lovely Jan from the Whitstable Times (exact reasons for this will be revealed soon enough) and she asked me to describe the term ‘geek’.

I tried to explain as best I could, in particular by highlighting the difference between geeks and nerds (I am definitely one and not the other). Oh, how I wish I’d come across this shoeboxblog.com cartoon a couple of days earlier.

I also wanted to make it clear that ‘geek’ is not an insult, nor is it restricted to computers. I know photography-geeks, history-geeks, off-roading-geeks and they are all good, intelligent and sociable people.

And then I found this (suitably maths-geeky) Venn diagram on nerdapproved.com that defines it all pretty perfectly:

From nerdapproved.com
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When is a geek not a geek?

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