Firefox 5.0 and the Google Toolbar – taken by surprise? Here’s how to fix it!

It seems like only five minutes ago that Firefox 4 arrived and impressed us with speed improvements. A few niggles, some of my more esoteric add-ons were not compatible and the Google Toolbar behaved a little strangely with mouse clicks but was fine with the keyboard.

If there is one product we recommend time and time again, and rely on daily, it’s Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware – the free version is great, the paid-for version is brilliant and amazingly cheap.

That’s ok though – I’m a geek, I use the keyboard. Besides, it was soon fixed with updates.

So imagine the excitement (warning – this may be an exaggeration) when the prompt to upgrade to Firefox 5.0 appeared. This was soon joined by horror when the installation completed with the announcement that the Google Toolbar was not compatible with Firefox 5.

Perhaps Google were taken by surprise – I know I was. What a shame, this latest version of our favourite browser definitely appeared faster than the already much improved 4.0. No need to fear though.

By installing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter you are able to use add-ons that have not yet been approved as compatible with the latest version of Firefox. Now, you do this at your own risk as there may be a good reason for them not to be approved.

However, so far at Geek Towers, we’re quite happily running the Google Toolbar on Firefox 5.0 – of course, YMMV…

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Firefox 5.0 and the Google Toolbar – taken by surprise? Here’s how to fix it!

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